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Raimonda Jankunaite 

Raimonda is working within Allied Powers to provide all round expertise in business consultancy, with a particular focus to help small-medium businesses within the technology sector. She works closely with clients to find out their business needs and deliver tailored expertise to help companies grow and succeed in business.


Helping organisations to find the right business partners, investors, and in some cases, customers through our network and trusted relationships that we have built, and is able to open doors where otherwise may not be possible. She is currently working on a number of business development projects to help the companies find funding, and more importantly, the appropriate help with management and marketing.



Raimonda has strong analytical and modern communications skills, along with the specialist ability recognise and solve problems.

She has both an attention to detail and strong organisational skills to turn businesses into profitable enterprises.

She is a natural leader with the ability to motivate both individuals and teams, and has extensive experience of handling people with considerable empathy. She has developed a profound ability to turn corporate objectives into sales and marketing driven activities to achieve results.


Raimonda has comprehensive experience of carrying out reviews of corporate business, including products and markets, and producing innovative ideas and strategic plans. She also has the ability to manage acquisitions and disposals as well as liaise with financial organisations to meet shareholder needs


As a business specialist, she has acquired the relevant skills and expertise to help organisations throughout their life cycle, including, but not limited to, idea development, initial growth, funding, complex management, difficult business situations, company sale and exit.

Recent Activities


Most recently launched community based crowd-funding platform to help businesses and entrepreneurs to develop and launch their projects or ideas. CrowdVelocity is an online platfrom that encourages entrepreneurs, crowd investors, early adopters and project leaders to work together to crowdfund great ideas. It provides a platform and unique space for great ideas to be brought to light and thereon developed to fruition. 

Set up Innovation and Simple Ideas, a specialist consultancy for innovative and start-up business, helping clients define and build successful brand presence, by improving marketing and growth strategies for start-ups and medium size businesses that relates directly to entrepreneurs.

Devised a novel payments system for Visa through managing a team to tackle ‘Beyond Plastic: Exploring the Future of Payments’.

Currently looking at investments in a wide cross-section of technology businesses, with a view to helping them accelerate their growth plans. Bringing a number of new technology products to market using the social media skills and new approaches to establishing markets.


Crowd Velocity

Rewards based community crowdfunding platform for new innovations and business projects.
We provide entrepreneur the platform to launch an idea and develop it in front of interested and like-minded audience. Our community enables others to advice, skills, solutions to problems and crowd-funding straight away.

Wefill - Sustainable Water Solutions

Raimonda is a founder of Wefill Water , a green business to reduce the waste in plastic bottle consumption. It was during the early stages of this project she became involved with Allied Powers, who were also re-purposing the use of waste plastic into engineering products.

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Raimonda is a person with a lot of business acumen and drive to succeed. Her water projects are innovative but built on sound economic sense. She is willing to listen to experienced professionals who can guide her towards the success she desires.

Mike Sleeman

Business Mentor

Very optimistic character, always forward looking and ready for challenges that comes along with the forever-changing business environment. Determination and Zeal is what you can expect from Raimonda, highly recommended.

Wafaa Jbari

Property Professional

Raimonda is a highly focussed and intelligent entrepreneur. She knows how to spot a market opportunity, is crystal clear about her business and marketing strategy, thorough in her approach to building her business and knows how to take calculated risks. 

She is a fantastic relationship builder and very strong networker. Raimonda is willing to take input from multiple sources, but then wisely weighs that up against how she wants to move her business forward and then makes a decision. She is very self disciplined and manages to juggle multiple responsibilities with apparent ease. On a personal level, Raimonda is a positive, upbeat lady and a delight to work with.

Trina Stevens

Project Manager

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