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Mike Sleeman


Mike is a certified and experienced CIMA Accountant working inside businesses to help them succeed.

It takes one set of skills to start and build a business but it takes a completely different skillset to then run that business. Mike can offer a professional, experience resource to help businesses survive and grow in the maelstrom that is the current economy. His experience covers a wide range of successful enterprises which have operated in a multitude of sectors including FMCG manufacturing, Retail, Travel, Fashion, Advertising, Distribution, Technology, Training and the Charity sector.

The finance functions can add value by efficiently managing resources and by giving quality information & advise to decision makers and stakeholders to help them going forward. Smart decisions and efficient systems lead to good use of cash and the old saying of cash is king is still very true.


Recently his focus has been to help SME’s remain in control of their business through periods of change by increasing awareness & demystifying their own financial information. We demonstrate how the finance function can help with the future as well as record the past.


• Partnering with stakeholders to give them information needed to improve their effectiveness
• Re-engineering system & processes to improve efficiency
• Ensuring control of the finances of the business
• Managing & improving efficiency of finance functions
• Managing relationships with key 3rd parties including banks, auditors and other strategic partners

I always found Mike to be a very positive & enthusiastic member of the team. His attention to detail helped keep us focused on our prioities. He was only able to do this as he was the subject matter expert around all areas of our financial performance.


Mike always supported his direct team, this was key as others in the organisation were constantly asking for urgent information, Mike was able to ensure they focused on the priorities and effectively manage the workload. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Mike's work particularly if you are an employer looking for the qualities I've highlighted above.

Mark Perkins

Business Owner

Mike was a reliable colleague and diligent in his work. Prepared to go the extra mile to get the work done, he is a good team player who will focus on the completion of financial objectives. He shows empathy in working with others and is a fun guy to have in the team.

John Newall

Global Knowledge Training

Mike was a very approachable and conscientious collegue at Parity Training, and worked tirelessly through many challenges such as a organisational re-structure, introduction of new accounting systems and a change of company ownership. I found him to be a highly personable and professional Financial Manager and always a great help to me.

Kareen Copsey

Client Partner at KnowledgePool

Over the two years I worked with Mike I found him to be not only incredibly supportive but diligent, personable and hard working. Highly Recommended. 

Rachel Smythe

Head of Strategic Accounts

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June 29, 2012

Parity Training Ltd

Mike was a Financial Controller in the business managing finances through de-merger from plc parent and through the acquisition of another Training business. He has implemented Cash Control processes, designed and then managed finance department to control the finances of the new enlarged business.

May 29, 2006

Alban Technologies

Start up organisation in the telecommunication sector providing front line technology to wireless communication solutions.

As Finance Director, designed integrated financial models to demonstrate the outcome of various business scenarios and presented to numerous potential investors.
Designed controls procedures and administration systems for this start up organisation.
Negotiated with accountants, banks, insurance brokers and IT software houses to service business requirements

April 29, 2004

Remington Consumer Products

Head of Finance responsible for the €40m international division covering Continental Europe and the global Distributor network. Direct reports in 4 countries


1 Prepared detailed financial business plan for the division and delivered presentation as part of the overall business plan to the global CEO.
2 Developed and implemented a strategy to establish a new trading branch in Holland which met local, divisional and group needs that then went on to work effectively and efficiently.
3 Organised the successful transfer and integration of the accounting requirements of the global distribution business from the UK to Germany.
4 Counselled the German finance function through a review of the current workload and through to redesign of department and of individual responsibilities. Facilitated agreement for the new department with the VP for Europe, Group Controller in the USA and the German General Manager.
5 Managed change the current transfer price system

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