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Our Team

All our team members who work directly with clients have been in a position personally where they have been in the most senior roles in companies and indeed have run the businesses themselves.

This level of understanding and significant experience is brought to you in the work we carry out.

At Allied Powers, we are specialists in management consultancy, providing business development services and advice to our clients, as well as working along side Venture Capitalists, Investors, and Banks. We able to offer our management expertise in acquisitions and development for individual businesses, particularly in the area of technology.

As part of the work we do, we currently hold a number of non-executive directorships in companies in various idustry sectors and have invested into business ventures that compliment our portfolio. Additionally have been very successful in working with difficult and turnaround situations, where we saved businesses from jaws of defeat. 

Collectively we have considerable experience in the negotiation, buying and selling of businesses and working with other industry experts and professional organisations in doing so.

Non-Executive Directors

We have access to a range of Company Directors in most industry sectors who are able to bring innovative ideas, expertise, knowledge and direction to your company.

Interim Management

We provide executives for Director and Senior Management positions on a short-term contract basis. Most valuable during:-

- Company Restructuring
- New Product or Service Introduction
- Boosting the stature of small companies
- Implement and drive difficult strategies
- Marketing Development

We are able to provide industry experts and specialists who will ensure your business is set on the rigth track to success.


Key Team Members

John Elsden


Carrie Jarman

Office Administrator

Carol Fennell

Sales & Marketing

Mike Sleeman 

Financial Consultant

Our team at Allied Powers are dedicated to providing all round expertise and personal quality service for all your business needs.
Get in touch today to engage with one of our team members. 
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