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Our Services


We provide executives for Director and Senior Management positions on a short-term contract basis which can be very valuable during company restructuring.


Interim Management 


We provide executives for Director and Senior Management on a short term contract basis, most valuable during:

  • Company growth and internal restructuring

  • Help with new product or service launch

  • To add additional expertise and resource 

  • To facilitate transition in growth period

  • To implement and drive difficult business strategies or objectives 

  • To implement reporting system

Business Development


We have expertise in business development and considerable trackrecord in transforming businesses in various industries, from all aspects of the organisation from traditional models to innovations, knowledge and techniques to turn business into a dynamic and profitable organisation. 

Business Growth 


We discuss and arrange a full business review with the existing management team.


Business objectives are defined and agreed prior to a full business and financial plan being produced by us for discussion and approval.


Where required, we secure the necessary resource or financing to restructure the operations to take account of new business requirements. The key elements are:-

  • Review existing plans

  • Analyse the current business practices

  • Discuss business objectives

  • Develop a full business plan

  • Agree an implementation plan

  • Secure finance where required

  • Review/change staffing to meet plan requirements

  • Restructuring implementation

  • Monitor and review performance 

Company Sales 


We are specialists with a proven track record in this area and can assist in the following ways:-


  • Management Buyouts/Buyins

  • Venture Capital Liaison and Introduction

  • Banking Advice

  • Legal Issues

  • General Introductions to Potential Partners

Non-Executive Directors

We have access to a range of Company Directors in most industry sectors who are able to bring innovative ideas, expertise, knowledge and direction to your company.

Marketing Development 


We are able to provide business experts and marketing specialists to help your business to develop a successful marketing and business strategy. 

Ready to speak to someone in confidence?

It is never too early to develop your business or prepare to sell it. We would be glad to assess where you currently are and give you some idea of your options.

Call now on FREEPHONE 01403 891317 for a FREE no-obligation chat about your situation.


We look forward to your call and for helping you feel more confident about the road ahead.




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