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Ditch Your To-Do List and Embrace New Collaborative Project Planning Tool

So, today’s to-do lists are obsolete but still a lot of us continue to use them, simply because it’s the easiest and quickest way of managing our daily routine.

However, there is one fundamental problem with to-do lists; they are individual and don’t tell you how your tasks relate to other people. Task management in cooperation is way more complex than managing your own to-dos.

While Dreamler keeps to the simplicity of the to-do list, it also address projects complexities and collaborative work. Dreamler is a tool that turns to-do lists into a a collaborative real-time environment for visual management and planning. What this means is that to-dos become visual building blocks.

The individual user creates tasks and then visually connects them with their team members’ tasks, which are played out on our project board. This enables you to see how your tasks contributes in fulfilling the greater goals of the project. Tasks that are visually mapped out and connected should resolve the fundamental problems with to-do lists.

Dreamler’s visual map provides relevant context for each task. Problems with varying task complexity and priority won’t be troubling you. Dreamler helps you to visualise the order of things to be done, regardless of heterogeneous tasks. Same goes for the issue concerning having too many choices.

In business you shouldn’t choose from a long list of different tasks to work on, you focus on the task that’s next in line for realising the greater goal. This becomes visualised and clarified in Dreamler. At last, Dreamler’s connected to-do lists show clear deliverables for each task and person. This erases a lot of the confusion and difficulties that comes with teamwork.

That way, Dreamler addresses a lot of the fundamental problems of to-do lists, and helps focus and efficiency when bringing projects to life.

Talking about plans in the abstract just doesn’t work. Unless we are incredibly in sync with the people we work with we will inevitably interpret language differently. You may think you have agreed on something but there are always going to be variations to how spoken or written language is interpreted. Visualising a plan using real time collaboration tool such as Dreamler, to some extent reduces the need of communication and works as a real-time, visual collaborative and project planning tool.

How well does the collaboration tool ease the work of remote project managers?

In Dreamler you work collaboratively in real-time to build visual maps of your project. You model milestones, checkpoints, activities, resources needed and how these all connected together to form the logical flow of a project. We don’t really define how you should work or at what level of detail you should model things. That’s up to you as a PM and your team to define. some people model a 3-5 year release plan together with key stakeholders for use in board meetings, some people apply Scrum and model the daily flow of development tasks.

How does Dreamler make project planning fun and engaging?

Planning itself is a game. A game of figuring out what to do in what order to best reach a desired state. It’s sort of puzzle game where you build inverse chains from project goals backwards by breaking down these into individual tasks and resources. Each key stakeholder plans their part of the flow and the collaborative effort lies in finding the optimal flow that makes best use of everyone’s time and resources.

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