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Technology - The New Face of Innovation

Keeping up with the pace of change and business transformation and knowing what has become a ‘must have’ building block in business strategy and operations is a tough call. To make sense of what is happening now, and to be able to predict something in five years is almost impossible. One must embark on this digital journey fully and embrace continuous innovation. Most organisations find they still have one foot still firmly planted in the old world and as they start to step into the new.

Business is now being subjected to a level of change it has never faced in its history. Imagining what is coming next keeps imaginations open to innovation and helps maintain an urgency to get prepared.

For instance, we are now rapidly entering the age of digital technology and truly connected society. Smartphone ownership is more than 60% in both UK & US. Broadband speeds either via 4G on-the-move or fibre at home are both imminent. Apps that factor in service as part of an overall engagement strategy are already out there.

Being successful at delivering service to customers with smartphones will be a real challenge to provide simplified, personalised, real time communications with our customers. So in this fast changing business world, you need to focus on your Next Generation digital plan and keeping track of what is yet to come. One way to keep attention of these emerging trends is to turn the whole research and reporting process into a challenge.

I believe innovation and continues improvement is essential to survive change. As more advancements in technology take place, there are also consumers ever more switched off to advertising.

Technology should serve your business need and be adaptable to your business requirements, which should improve your efficiency, profitability or improve operations and management of your business. Much overlooked, today businesses invest very little of their capital to innovation and technological advancements for their business.

With help of today's technology and information that is available we can now calibrate customer journeys and touch points to ensure that they are designed to meet these shifting expectations. It is customers' digital competency that we need to pay attention to, rather than their generation to tell us how our customers prefer to engage with us and this will be an ever evolving set of preferences.

With a long term view, evaluate how you can implement them with the technology you have available and what is on the market. Set a short term date for this to encourage action. For each level that is applicable to you, design your perfect brand message with your ideal number of touches, across all modalities, as if you were operating in a perfect environment with technological limitations.

As our knowledge and capabilities in technology expand, more innovative ideas will come to life. As technology evolve, our work will be evolving also and we will continue to share our insights and engage with you in 2016! Innovation is remarkable creating change in a ways that could have never been predicted.

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